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west side.

whites creek lane.

This lane runs north from Albion Street following the course of White's Creek which is now piped until after Booth Street. 


A number of factory, warehouse and other commercial premises (some pictured below) can be found along this lane. Most are on the “wrong side” (ie the west side) and so fall into Leichhardt. Some have addresses in adjoining Leichhardt streets, such as Hill St, or occupy the rear of sites along Macquarie Street to the west or Albion Street to the south.


Sands and Wise do not include listings for this lane and so it has not been possible to identify the history of the buildings pictured below even from listings along Macquarie and Albion Streets (noting that the buildings on the west side are strictly not in Annandale).

Possibly Rear of 85 Albion Street

rear 85 albion.jpg

east side.

No. 33

33 white's.jpg
59 white's.jpg

No. 59

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