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view street.

View Street runs just to the east of Johnston Street from Booth Street to the south and The Crescent to the north. It is broken in the middle by Hinsby Park which has the appearance of a village green. While predominantly residential, View Street has the usual assortment of current and former shops and factories.

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No.1 NE Cnr Booth Street

This building stands on the corner of Booth Street. It was probably built in about 1905 when it was first occupied by Robert Hodge, a hairdresser. Frederick Hodge (presumably related to Robert) took over the business in about 1910.


Bert Paul began to cut hair here in around 1915 and in the early 1920’s was succeeded by the longest running owner, Harry Barringham. Harry ran the hairdressers into the 1950’s. 

1 view.jpg

east side.

No. 3 

This small and unassuming terrace house just off Booth Street has a long and varied commercial history.


Built in around 1905, it was first occupied by Mrs Annie Devlin, dressmaker. By 1907 Moore’s Malt Vinegar Works was operating here. The works were initially owned by H Lucas but by 1910 H Chesney Harte was the proprietor. The works may have been situated at the rear of the residence which fronts View Street.


The vinegar works seem to have left the site in about 1915 when Isaac Reedman, a tailor, moved in. By 1925 Alfred Ingram was running a laundry here. After possibly reverting to a residence briefly, in around 1932 TE Bird was running a fruit shop, possibly from the front room. During the latter part of the 1930’s and until about 1945 Mrs F Ladkin and later Miss M Wright, operated a library at the address.

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No. 39

This two storey building, which appears to have been constructed to accommodate a shop on the ground level, was built in around 1895. By that year George Clark was operating a fruit shop here. Richard Herbert was in occupation by 1910 and ran a green grocery. A succession of grocers ran the store until Mrs L Hine converted it into a mixed business in the mid 1940’s. She ran the mixed business into the 1950’s.

west side

No. 2 NW Cnr Booth Street

Like No. 1 View Street, No. 2 appears to front Booth Street. It may have been built as early as 1892. However it was certainly in existence by 1894 when Herman Martz, a storekeeper, occupied it. Miss Selina Weller, one of Annandale’s innumerable confectioners, was here from about 1910.


After she left in about 1915 a series of grocers occupied the premises until in 1930 the Australian Bank of Commerce Ltd* moved in. The bank had been registered in New South Wales in 1909 and took over the Australian Joint Stock Bank. In 1917 it also acquired the business of the City Bank of Sydney. Its stay in View Street was brief however as in the early 1930’s it was itself taken over by the Bank of New South Wales.


After the bank departed, a series of mixed businesses occupied the site into the 1950’s.

*For information about this bank see

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6 view.jpg

No. 6

This small building, now a residence, has housed a range of businesses since it was built in about 1895.


W Ellison, a hairdresser was in residence in 1895. However, by 1900 it was a grocery run by Edward James. In 1905 Richard Bradshaw was running his ham and beef shop here before Thomas Hosking, a bootmaker, took up residence in around 1910. In 1915 Mrs Emma Birchill was operating a ham shop here.


Between 1925 and the early 1930’s the shop had a Japanese connection with Charlie Naga and then J Nakamura running a laundry here. When Mr Nakamura left in the early 1930’s OJ Simon opened a mixed business. It was short lived however and it seems that from the mid 1930’s the building was used solely as a residence.

No. 88 NW Cnr Piper Street

Now a popular cafe opposite Hinsby Park, this old corner store probably dates from around 1894. George Proctor, a grocer, was the first occupant.


A succession of grocers followed Proctor when he left in around 1900 with the most notable being John L Clark JP who ran the store in the 1910’s and 20’s and JK Olley who ran it from about 1940 and into the 50’s.

88 view.jpg
120 view.jpg

No. 120

John Dobell built this store in 1890. He ran it until about 1915. It then had several proprietors including CA Lindon who ran the store from 1925 until the late 30’s and M Lowe who was the proprietor from 1945 and into the 50’s. 

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