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albion lane.

Albion Lane is largely occupied by the rear of the various premises along Parramatta Road to the south and Albion Street to the north.  Thus, many of the structures along the lane are plainly just parts of houses, factories or shops which front those major thoroughfares.   However, it is plain the some structures along the lane once had (and in several instances, continue to have) an independent commercial existence.  They include those pictured below.

However it is difficult to verify if they did have an independent existence and, if so, to identify what it was.  Sands does not list the lane consistently and, when it does so, it seldom records a street number or makes clear whether the number, if recorded, is simply the number of the relevant building along Parramatta Rd or Albion St.

north side.

Commercial building historyno 104 Annand

No. 104

Furniture manufacturers (Symphony Furniture Manufacturers and later Select Furnishing Co, wound up in 1972) may have occupied this site from the early 1930’s. 

south side.

No. 111

While it currently seems to operate as a tailor independently of the business which “fronts” it along Parramatta Rd, previous uses cannot be determined.

no 111.jpg

No. 159

Recently converted into a residence and heavily modified, the current owners understand that the building was once a cheese factory though this is not recorded in the directories.

No. 163

Still used as a small factory, the history of this building which may date from around the middle of the last century, is not known.


No. 209

While this building has an obvious industrial character and seems to pre-date World War Two by some margin, its previous uses have not been identified.

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