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Mayes street.

While there are several large buildings along this street that have an obvious commercial character, the commercial history of sites along Mayes Street (in particular the east side) is hard to track. Most of the sites on the east side simply comprise the rear of lots that front Young St. Some share frontages along Reserve St. In any event, Sands rarely if ever lists addresses on the east side of the street and a search of the corresponding lots on Young Street reveals nothing of relevance.

No. 7

For the reasons stated above, the history of this building is hard trace. Based on its architecture, it appears to date from around the turn of the last century. It may have housed a wood moulder and later a box maker during the 1930’s.

7 mayes.jpg

No. 1 NE (corner Reserve Street)

This large factory style building on the corner of Reserve Street incorporates No. 35A Reserve Street.


The directories are less than clear as to the former occupants of this site. As noted below in connection with nearby 35 Reserve Street (on the north-east corner of Young Street) there is some suggestion that the building was constructed in around 1915 to house the Commonwealth Split Wood Pulley Co. However, the directories appear to indicate that this firm began its life in around 1920 just up the hill at No. 35 Reserve Street on the eastern side of Young Street and only moved to a site on the western side of Young Street (almost certainly 1 Mayes Street) in the early 1920’s.

1 mayes.jpg

east side.

However the building may well date from around 1915 and initially housed the Resano Manufacturing Company, maker of pickles and condiments. By the 1930’s Commonwealth Split Wood Pulleys may have shared the site for periods with William Bruce a brass finisher and with Shear Oils Ltd. Triangle Packing Case Pty Ltd may also have operated from the site in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

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