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piper lane.

As with other lanes in Annandale it is apparent that many businesses operated out of premises along Piper Lane. While many of the buildings along the lane are of recent origin, some are older and probably housed small factories or workshops. However, as with other lanes, while Sands (and later Wise) confirm that businesses did occupy sites along this lane well into the 1950s, it seldom permits identification of specific sites.

No. 8

In the 1930s this building (possibly with No. 8A pictured to the left of No 8) housed Imperial Worsted Mills Ltd, a woollen yarn manufacturer. Prior to that time it may have formed part of the Phoenix Fibrous Works which occupied premises on the corner Corner of Johnson and Rose Street and possibly also No. 80 Rose Street (see here).

Commercial building historyno 104 Annand

east side.

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