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prichard street.

Located in the northern part of the suburb, Pritchard Street is primarily residential.  Nevertheless, like most other streets in Annandale, it had a scattering of shops prior to the Second World War. 

No. 13

The current building possibly dates from 1905. It was certainly there by 1910. From the time of its construction, a grocery operated at the site under a series of owners.


The last grocer (Mr Ellis Evans) was in residence from about 1925 until the late 1940’s when it seems the business closed and the site was used solely as a residence.

13 pritchard.jpg

No. 7

Although a florist currently trades at this address, searches of Sands and Wise suggest that it does not have a long commercial history. However, there is a possible indication in the Rates Books (eg 1907) that this site did operate as a shop at one time. Due to the lack of street numbering in the early 20th century, this is difficult to verify.

7 pritchard.jpg

west side.

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